Plug and Play LED Tubes?

February 11, 2015 Delviro Energy

Plug and Play LED Tubes?

Are you presently considering the upgrade of your office, facility, retail, lighting etc. are they old fluorescent tubes? Have you been approached to replace those tubes with new LED tubes? It is a tempting proposition considering the simplicity of the installation, especially if using a “plug-and-play” type LED tube, i.e. an LED tube which works with the existing ballast/driver already in the fluorescent fixture.

Although appealing this is not the best choice for the upgrade of existing fluorescent tube lighting. The first thing to consider is that you may be instructed that the LED tubes have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours – what you may not be directly aware of is that this life expectancy is limited by the old fluorescent tube ballast now being reused to power/drive the new LED tube. Since you are reusing the ballast and it “is not new” then this is a very weak link in the lighting system and an imminent failure waiting to happen.

What does this mean? Within the 5 Year Warranty of the LED tube there will need to be service on the fixture; the cost of the electrician and the cost of a new driver is to be incurred. Further, after 5 Years any failures going forward on the LED tubes are to be incurred as more waste in cost, and in product which ends up in landfills, if not recycled properly (a costly proposition in itself).

The solution is an LED Retrofit Kit for your existing fluorescent tube fixtures. Delviro Energy’s TROFFER LED RETROFIT (TLEDR) kit is available in standard 2’ x 2’, 1’ x 4’, and 2’ x 4’ sizes, and custom sizes are possible too. What sets this solution for the upgrade of fluorescent tube fixtures apart is its performance for the price (value), and its solid 10 Year Warranty. Our TLEDR kit includes a new driver specific to our LED’s.

Delviro Energy is a leading manufacturer of LED lighting fixtures located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; their strict control of the manufacturing processes (from chipset to finished luminaire in-house) ensures the technology is always leading and evolving, and with a strong focus on cost reduction to ensure short project payback times.

With 200,000 hours plus life expectancy the TLEDR is over four times the life expectancy of LED tubes, and with double the Warranty! Further, lumen output at 200,000 hours is sustained at >LM-70, or only

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