LEDs For Any Lighting Upgrade Application

February 6, 2015 Delviro Energy

LEDs For Any Lighting Upgrade Application

– article written by Anthony Borges | anthony@delviro.com

Delviro Energy takes the guess work out of any lighting upgrade project by offering the widest array of LED lighting upgrade options, LED lamp replacements to meet any application at hand. Whether your existing lighting fixtures are fluorescent tube fixtures, decorative wall sconces, or pot lights, as found in many commercial applications; are high bay industrial/warehouse lighting fixtures featuring multiple lamp fluorescent tubes, or high Wattage High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps; or are outdoors lighting with HID lamps (Metal Halide or High-Pressure Sodium); regardless of the lighting installed now we have the LED lighting upgrade solution to save you money for the long-term.
Our strategic alignment with leading LED manufacturers offering only the highest quality products, backed by our ‘worry-free’ Warranties, ensures your investment is secure. We guarantee your technical requirements and budget requirements; we engineer the lighting upgrade specifics for you, a proposal which includes the supply and installation of the new LED lights. Further, we thrive to save you project costs by ensuring your participation in any Governmental grants/incentives we can secure for you, meaning the cost of your project may be paid for by up to 50%! We work hand-in-hand with you and challenge to provide you a complete, turn-key project with the shortest return on investment (ROI) possible.
With your LED lighting upgrade you can expect over five (5) years of uninterrupted lighting operation at 24 hours operation a day [over ten (10) years at 12 hours per day], and with no visible lighting degradation, or colour shift. LED lighting technology totally eliminates the need for lamp changes since LED lighting lifetime exceeds 50,000 hours. How much money could you save, and create as profit from the energy saved? The money you save in labour and waste due to the elimination of your existing lighting replacement/re-lamp and repair costs is noteworthy. The saved cost to the environment is equally important. LED lighting is proven, and the savings are visible and easily quantifiable.
Delviro Energy is your go-to project partner, we provide our clients the most technically viable and cost-effective lighting upgrade options. We can meet any project requirement by offering LED lamps to meet any application, the complete ‘family’ of LED lamp types we offer upgrades all of your existing indoors and outdoors high Wattage lights. T8 LED tubes replace traditional fluorescent tubes one-for-one; LED GU10 and LED MR16, and LED Medium base lamps replace all high Wattage compact fluorescent (CFL), halogen and incandescent lamps. Regardless of lamp typeover 60% energy savings can be had. Outdoor area light fixtures such as wall packs/sconces, parking lot lights, and flood lamps typically feature high Wattage HID lamps; these fixtures can either be retrofitted to LED light sources (keeping the existing fixture), or replaced altogether, with the opportunity to reduce your energy consumption by 70%, or more.
Please see our wide selection of LED lamp types at the link below, which shows only a fraction of the LED lighting options available through Delviro Energy. We look forward to discussing your project needs and to providing you a solution bespoke to your technical and budgetary goals.
Call us today at 1.877.502.3434 or email info@delviro.com and our representatives will be pleased to help you with your lighting upgrade application.

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